The purpose of this site is to show the visitors images of totally wild animals taken in the environment they were born into. For me the true joy is attempting to get the image I set out to capture, it is a cliche, but it is the journey and not the result that matters most to me, if I come home with the shot, that is a bonus. Some members of the general public will be aware, but many would be shocked, and rightly dissapointed to discover that there are a plethora of images out there parading as wildlife photography, but the reality is many of these images were taken in captive conditions at game farms. I wish all visitors to this site to know that all images displayed on this site are of totally wild animals, taken in their natural environment. 

The vast majority of the images were taken during the 3 years I spent living in southern Chiles awe inspiring, " Torres del Paine National Park", where I went in search of the elusive Patagonian Puma, and the even rarer Southern Andean Huemul ( hippocamelus bisulcus ). I am planning more trips to the region in 2011, including leading small group ( max 8 ) photo tours to the park. Information  about the personally led trips to this Patagonian "Garden of Eden" can be found by clicking on Patagonian with Wildaslife on the homepage at


I am now based in Andalucia southern Spain where I am building a portfolio of the regions abundant wildlife including the worlds most  critically endangered feline the Iberian Lynx. 

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