About WILDASLIFE: Nature Portfolio

Originally from London, but by way of many interesting journeys around the world, know based in Andalucia, Spain. Travel and adventure played a large part in my life with some of the highlights including racing a yacht around the world in the 1992/3 British Steel challenge. I also spent 3 years living in Southern Chiles awe inspiring Torres del Paine National Park, where I went in search, of and am very happy to say encountered, the elusive Patagonian Puma, along with all the other species that live in this vast wilderness. In 2011 I am planning to organise small group ( max 6 ) photo safaris to Patagonia with the main emphasis being Torres del Paine NP. I will also be making the first of many trips to the heart of Andalucia in search of the worlds most endangered feline the Iberian Lynx ( lynx pardinus ). Updates can be found on these trips can be found on my blog.